14825 Ballantyne Village Way
Suite 240-19
Charlotte, NC 28277

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Ballantyne Village Logo - Blue letter B and golden letter V with blue text


14825 Ballantyne Village Way
Suite 240-19
Charlotte, NC 28277

Ballantyne Village

Ballantyne Village PopUp Market

Pop Up Markets are every third Saturday April-November.

Ballantyne Village

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I view the Pop-Up Market Schedule?

Pop Up Markets are every third Saturday April-November.

How do I apply as a vendor?

You can apply to be a vendor HERE.

How much is the vendor fee?

There is a vendor fee of $75 for Tier 1 and $50 for Tier 2 per each event. If you application is denied you will be refunded your deposit. Upon acceptance of your application your vendor fee will be due in full with 72 hours of the approved application.

What is your cancellation policy?

If you can not make an event that you have paid for please let us know within 72 hours of the event and we will allow you to reschedule for a future date. If you notify us less than 72 hours prior to the event your payment will be forfeited.

What if I am running late the morning of an event?

Please notify us immediately if you are running late! You may text or call 704.877.3605 to inform Ballantyne Village staff.

Can I request a specific location for my booth?

Event space is first come first serve.

When does registration close?

Once all spaces have been filled.

Can I bring decorations to your events?

We encourage you to make your booth appealing so any decorations that will fit inside your 10×10 space are welcomed. We do however request that you refrain from using balloons. Please make sure that any and all decorations will be appropriately secured.

Do you offer sites with electricity?

Access to electricity is limited. There will be a spot in the vendor application to request a space with an outlet. Vendors needing electricity will be approved on a first come, first serve basis. Electricity is limited to one outlet and you will be responsible for supplying your own extension cord.

Should I bring a cart or dolly?

We do recommend bringing a dolly or cart to help with transportation of your items. We will do our best to allow you to unload as close to your space as possible but this is not always feasible.

What are your COVID-related policies?

If you are feeling ill, or experiencing ANY symptoms. Please Do NOT attend the event. Please put your health and the safety of others first. If you must forfeit your spot due to covid we will offer a refund or credit for a future market.

What are your inclement weather policies?

All of our pop-up markets are outdoors and unfortunately, we cannot control the weather. If we make the decision to cancel due to weather, you will be notified immediately. If you elect to skip an event, due to weather, that has not been cancelled by Ballantyne Village, you will forfeit your payment. If you are a no call/no show (for any reason) you will be banned from all future events.

May I breakdown early?

You may only breakdown at the times outlined in event details sheet. We understand that things happen so IN THE EVENT OF AN ACTUAL EMERGENCY, please notify Ballantyne Village staff IMMEDIATELY! Please avoid early breakdowns without prior authorization or notification as this jeopardizes the integrity of our events.

Can I bring a rack, additional table or shelf?

Yes, as long as it fits in your 10×10 dedicated space.

Can I bring my kids with me?

Yes, but Ballantyne Village is not responsible for monitoring them.

What are your vendor criteria?

To be considered as a vendor for our pop-up markets, your merchandise must be hand-crafted and you must be local to the Charlotte Metro area.

How will I know that you have received my application?

Via email from the event coordinator.

Can I share a booth with another vendor?

Yes, you may share a booth with another vendor if you apply together. Make sure that it is clear that there are two people/businesses applying under one application. Please note that we review applications as a whole and will pick and choose if one vendor meets our criteria and the other does not. Make sure you wholeheartedly believe in your partner! There will need to be a main contact designated and all payments must be made at one time from one source.

How do you advertise for this event?

To advertise for our Pop-Up Markets we send a press release sent to all Charlotte area news outlets. We utilize targeted ads on Social Media and display posters and digital advertising within Ballantyne Village. We send excepted vendors our related event graphics and encourage you to share the event on your social media or any press connections you may have.

Ballantyne Village Popup Market


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